How to get to Pez Quadro

The main destinations where you can find transportation to Mahahual are Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Chetumal, which features large airport transportation routes. All these destinations are located in the most important state of Quintana Roo highway: Highway 307, that connects Chetumal to Cancun.

From playa del carmen

Estimated travel time: 3:30 hours to 5:00 hours.

From Playa del Carmen you can choose the most direct way, which is offered by the company "ADO" but it only has a single departure hour from the bus terminal at 4:50 p.m.

From Cancun

Estimated travel time : 4:00 hours to 5:30 hours.

From the airport, we recommend the direct option that ADO Bus Company offers, departing daily at 15:50 pm. If it does not fit your needs, you can skip a stretch of the path if you go to the bus terminal in Cancun shuttles or the terminal of Playa del Carmen.

While in Cancun there are different ways to get to Mahahual.
The most direct route is offered by the company "ADO" from the bus terminal in Cancun, but it only provides a departure time at 15:15 pm

From Chetumal

Estimated travel time: 1:30 hours to 2:00 hours.

The cheapest way to travel between Mahahual and Chetumal are 2nd class buses. The company that provides this service is Autobuses CARIBE and has 2 departures a day to and from Mahahual.
Other economic ways of transport are the Vans / Buses who have regular routes to and from Chetumal with more frequency.
If you want a ride at your own pace we recommend you find a taxi outside the airport facilities. Approximate cost $ 600.00 pesos.